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Floor Material for a Lifetime

As we continue to go green with recycling, being more conscious about water usage and choosing to put organic food into our body, we have found better materials to place into our home, too. A trending floor material known as Cali Bamboo has skyrocketed within the past year. But why is that exactly?

According to, Bamboo is an endless renewable resource and it is the fastest growing plant on earth! Who knew? In your home, bamboo has immeasurable strength due to its properties. Surpassing the strength of traditional hardwood and many allows of steel, bamboo is also beautiful.

What makes Bamboo a better material than others?

Low VOC, no added urea formaldehyde. What does that mean?

Low VOC(volatile organic compounds) is important when caring about breathing easy in your home. Formaldehyde is considered a VOC meaning it becomes a gas in room temperature. Not good, and therefore materials with high VOC can bring about health problems.

Specifically Cali Bamboo has been tested for VOC and found to have very low VOC's to the point that it is not detectable at .003 considering the air we breathe is at .02.

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