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What is Modern?

What exactly is modern design? Modern interior design is best defined [by Home & Garden] as the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home. Modernism was actually a rejection of Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian styles of design. Almost picking the good and bad of each style and combining it to have:

1. Clean Straight Lines:

Instead of having such curvy designs and textures from wall to furniture, modernism entails clean, straight lines. When it comes to flooring, you will find that modern homes tend to have oversized tiles with rectified edges, sanded wood floors, bookcases inserted into walls instead of taking up space, open floor plans with less walls and a lack of moldings and window trimmings.

2. Metal Use:

If you have ever walked into a Diesel or an All Saints clothing store, you have seen what the use of metal in modern interior design looks like.If you have not walked into a Diesel store, below you will see a picture. The use of metal or even just a metallic look on the walls and counters showcase the simplicity and the fresh style of the brand. Lamps, railings, doorknobs and metal furniture legs all have a part in modern interior design.

3. Minimalism: Less is more

A very important word in modern design is minimalism that goes hand in hand with the cold, new look that separates itself from the "lived in" interior design styles of Gothic and Renaissance design. In home design minimalism can simply mean opening up spaces, having bookshelves built inside the walls and less color on the walls. A modern home will most likely have similar shades of one color such a grey. Furniture can include bright colors to contrast the walls and floors and make it pop, but still with metallic shades on the legs or smaller parts of it.

4. Bold Accent Colors:

Modern design will definitely have the color black within a furniture piece, the edges or decor pieces. Many modern homes include a piece of abstract art, a bright colored piece of furniture or pillows [decor pieces], a rug, or even an accent wall.

5.Mixing Materials:

Modern interior design highlights the essence of contrast within the home by combining different materials such as granite and metal within the same room. The use of dark metals and light colored materials is also very common. For example, a modern kitchen can easily have wooden floors, granite countertops and furniture with metal legs as shown in the first picture above. Modern interior design is not afraid of using different patterns together or materials.

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