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Top Floors for Florida Weather

If you live in the 'Sunshine State' known as Florida, you know that the weather stays humid all year long. The weather outside has an impact on everything, including the flooring inside your home. Not to mention, it rains almost every day during the summer and even though it may get cool for five minutes, air continues to be wet and humid. H U M I D I T Y therefore is a problem for homeowners. Below are three floors that work best for Florida's weather.

1. High-pressured Laminate

The way laminate is made allows it to be extremely resistant to water. With technology being so advanced, laminate flooring has been able to mimic many expensive flooring ideas. High-pressured laminate is sealed so well it resists cracking. Inexpensive + durable.


Very common for humid climates, porcelain saves the day. Not only do homeowners find it beautiful, porcelain is very easy to clean. You never have to worry when the kids run through the house soaked after being in the pool. Beautiful + Practical.

3.Vinyl Tile

Very popular among kitchen and bathroom areas, vinyl tile works great around high moisture spaces. This quality flooring material combats the negative effects humidity brings of expansion and contraction. Strong + Optimal.

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